Write up any notes regarding what you saw during your survey that may be relevant to harvesting operations. Connect/attach photos of breaches and sightings as required. Make sure they are either marked on a map with a pin with GPS coordinates or that you have a timestamp app that provides this information. Also register your flora and fauna findings through iNaturalist. EPA prefers to receive timely information rather than waiting for a detailed report. Try to submit findings soon after surveying. 

Lodge your report, sighting or breach allegation to the EPA 

  • After you have surveyed a forest, submit your findings with the EPA by filling in the form below.

    To help the EPA investigate and take action regarding potential breaches or misreporting during assessments, please include as much of the following information as possible:

    N.B Please note that if you are uploading a large number of photos for review by the EPA, we suggest uploading to the cloud and sending a link to the folder as part of the attachments section. Google Drive or Dropbox are best options.

Keep all correspondence in and out for future reference and interest in court action.

[email protected]

Private Native Forestry reporting

Logging on private land is regulated and controlled by different mechanisms than native forest logging on public land. Go here to find out more about codes of practice and how to make a complaint against a private native forestry operator if you believe them to be breaching codes. 

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